Moving Over

This isn’t actually my first blog post, but it is my first WordPress one. B and I have been married for over 20 years. About 8 years ago I started blogging on Barney Married Wilma. I loved blogging the first few years. I still love writing and sharing, however it would appear I no longer am ‘like minded’ for much of that corner. My hope is that B and I can find a new home on WordPress to exchange thoughts, process and discuss our ever evolving, and sometimes devolving D/s lives.

3 thoughts on “Moving Over

  1. Welcome to your new home. I hope that you find many likeminded people here and I am sorry that it was not the case in the end with your previous blog. I have always found your comments to be thoughtful and helpful and your writing interesting and down to earth. Personally I am glad that you have moved as I find blogger difficult to comment etc so I hope to be able to follow your journey more closely. Best of luck. Missy x


      1. I sometimes feel like that too. I do the Tell Me About to collate resources on D/s topics but then I have already written about each topic. When I sit down to do it I realise that my take has changed though so it can be helpful. I also think that the dynamic changes the longer you do it so it’s great to have others to converse with who are dealing with some of the same issues. x

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